Your services are so valuable

Maria, I know I’ve said this before but you really are my hero. I am so very grateful to have you on this journey with me. Your services are so valuable and at any opportunity I get I will try to refer you because I trust you so much, I do. This process was daunting and terrifying for me and I really wanted to attempt to do as much as I could not realizing how much I am not cut out for this. Haha again thank you for guiding me and helping me.

Tacey Deering
Dare Design

met and exceeded my expectations

About 1 month ago I was getting prepared for year end when my bookkeeper unexpectedly quit, 4 days before 2015 T4's were to be submitted. To say I was in a panic would be a complete understatement. I called Maria from Book Smart Bookkeeping to see if she could help me out or offer some advice. 

Without hesitation Maria said she would have no problem helping us out on short notice and arrived in my office three hours later. Maria quickly found out what an accounting mess we were dealing with. She tackled the problems head on and gave me total reassurance with her calm demeanor. She worked  tirelessly to make sure we made our T4 submission date. Since then Maria has continued to work with Sandy Lane Automotive to reorganize our accounting process. 

I would recommend Maria, Liz and Book Smart Bookkeeping to anyone that owns their own business or is looking for temporary or permanent bookkeeping help. They met and exceeded my expectations and I will be forever grateful to Maria and her team for all of their help and support during a very stressful time . 

Brett Morgan
Sandy Lane Auto

helped make a task (that I detest) simple and relatively painless

I recently made the change from a commissioned designer on the staff of a renovation company, to an independent design contractor, so I needed to set up a bookkeeping system to track income and expenses.
Let me be very clear. ... l HATE bookkeeping! It leaves absolutely no scope for imagination or creativity (unless I want to break the law), so taking care of invoices and bills is a burden I never enjoy, and would prefer to avoid whenever possible. 

I knew I needed help, so I called Liz Richards to help me find a user-friendly program that would allow me to record entries quickly and easily, prevent me from doing it wrong, and make it easy to prepare my income tax return. 

She spent time with me to identify the types of entries I would need to make for clients and expenses, find out my preferences for how and when I would prefer to do it, how much time I was willing to spend on it, and, how much money I was prepared to spend on it. 

Not long after that meeting, I went to her office where she showed me what she had set up for me. She had created the accounts I needed to work with, and showed me how to create more if and when I might need them. She had also created an invoice template for me, so I can easily enter information and prepare invoices for clients. Liz set me up on a cloud-based system that keeps my records secure, and allows me to access them whenever and wherever I need. She walked me through the processes to ensure that I could handle it on my own, and sent me on my way with a reminder to phone her if I had any problems or questions. She also assured me that, if I choose, I can hand over all the receipts and bits of paper to her, and she will take care of it for me. She kept my budget in mind when she selected the program, and the cost for her services was very reasonable. 

Liz helped make a task (that I detest) simple and relatively painless for me, and provided the option to "have it taken care of', almost magically, if I discover that it's still more than I want to deal with. 

I truly appreciated her help and guidance, and will gladly recommend Liz Richards and Booksmart Bookkeeping to clients, friends, and family. 

Gail lmpey, IDT

clear monthly reports

Using Book Smart is one of the best choices I made for my business. ...I have been working directly with Liz for about 5 years now. I receive clear monthly reports and I can keep up to date with my numbers and I know that Liz will help me notice anything out of the ordinary. It is so easy to know that she will handle my payroll and let me know what amounts to pay for corporate taxes, source deductions and GST remittance. She clearly has a lot of experience and Liz and Maria are both amazing to deal with! Thank you for keeping me on track!

 Kimberly- Best Buds Flower Company