About Us





Book Smart Bookkeeping and Consulting Services Ltd. is located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are a fresh new company with over 10 years of public practice experience with a worldwide Chartered Accounting Firm.  We specialize in working with owner managed companies and understand the daily grind of running a business.

We offer our clients a professional bookkeeping team which includes a Professional Accountant and Certified Professional Bookkeeper, who is also a certified consultant for Simply Accounting by Sage50. We have access to top tax specialist and business consultants. We will provide you with continual support so you can focus on your business and achieve your financial goals.

Our professional services include:

  • monthly full cycle bookkeeping;
  • employee payroll;
  • monthly financial reporting on employee benefits;
  • CRA correspondence and filings;
  • year end preparation of files for your accountant;
  • training on accounting software (Sage and Quickbooks);

When you use Book Smart Bookkeeping and Consulting Services you can be assured you will receive professional, cost effective, timely and comprehensive bookkeeping services.  Our commitment to quality, integrity and reliability also keeps our clients satisfied with our services.  

We would appreciate the opportunity to learn how we can serve your business.  Please  contact us with any questions or comments you may have.  We provide a free consultation and would enjoy hearing from you!